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Career Development

Supporting academic careers is one of the core tasks of the Weizenbaum Institute. We advise and support doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers, and research group leaders according to the individual requirements in their respective career fields.

Current offers for career development

We strengthen the methodological, (non-)academic, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral skills of our doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with recurring and changing continuing education programs.

In addition to cooperating with our partners and other organizations, the Institute organizes a phase-specific, practice- and demand-oriented curriculum for its doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

The content of the continuing education measures is based on the following fields of activity:

  • Teaching theories and methods
  • Teaching key academic qualifications
  • Teaching interdisciplinary skills and industry expertise
  • Career development within and outside academia

Kommende Veranstaltungen


13:00 Uhr - 14:00 Uhr | Room: A0_02


Thursday Lunch Series

Let‘s talk about politics

Transfer and dialog are central components of knowledge transfer at the Weizenbaum Institute. This involves an exchange with the public and civil society, and above all with politicians. What exactly does political dialog mean and how does it work?

08.07.2024 - 10.07.2024

Day 1 starts at 10:30, day 3 ends at 11:00


Doctoral Researchers Retreat 2024

The Research Retreat has been part of the Institute’s programme since the outset. It takes place once a year over a period of three to five days providing a space for researchers to work on theses or other collaborative projects without outside distraction.


13:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr | WI, Raum: A0_02


13:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr | online



Analyzing Digital Trace Data using Process Mining with Jan Mendling

In this QPD Tutorial, we will discuss the essentials of analyzing digital trace data using process mining.

14.10.2024 - 15.10.2024

CAIS, Konrad-Zuse-Straße 2a, 44801 Bochum


DigiSem: Digital Freedom – Autonomy, Wellbeing and Participation

The Bavarian Research Institute for Digital Transformation (bidt), the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS), the Leibniz Institute for Media Research – Hans Bredow Institute (HBI) and the Weizenbaum Institute (WI) invite doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to present their work at the joint…

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Contact for career development

If you have any questions about career development at the Weizenbaum Institute, please contact Stephanie Bouré, Career Development Officer.

Career Development Officer

Career Development Working Group

The Career Development Working Group (WG) advises and supports scientists at the Weizenbaum Institute in all career areas.

Go to Career Development Working Group
  • Research Day

    The Research Day offers all researchers - especially doctoral students and postdocs - a platform to present research results and project ideas within the institute.

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  • Research Retreat

    The one-week research retreat is a retreat for concentrated work on the dissertation, habilitation or joint projects and takes place once a year.

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  • Thursday Lunch Series

    In addition to these formats, the Thursday Lunch Series is a regular short format in which researchers can meet regularly to discuss specific topics, receive short training sessions or obtain input from guests.

  • DigiSem

    The biennial digitization research seminar (DigiSem) offers doctoral and postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to work on a research topic in an interdisciplinary context with experienced experts from the three leading German Internet institutes (WI, bidt, CAIS).

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  • DigiMeet

    The Digitalization Research and Network Meeting (DigiMeet) offers doctoral and postdoctoral researchers an English-language, international platform for presenting research results and networking.

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    The aim of the Weizenbaum Early Career Researcher Support is to give all young researchers the opportunity to come into contact with established and experienced researchers during their time at the WI and to learn from them.

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Qualification program in digitalization research

The digitalization research qualification programme of the three German institutes for digitalization research offers doctoral students and postdocs a joint, interdisciplinary continuing education programme to promote basic skills and impart qualifications. Certificates can be obtained for each of the four modules.

More about QPD
  • Guidelines for Research Groups

    Excellent research, interdisciplinarity, the promotion of young scientists and a focus on dialog and transfer - these guidelines translate our basic values for the work in the research groups.

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  • Guiding Principles for Doctoral Rearchers

    In this mission statement, recommendations and proposals are formulated to link the doctoral phase with the fundamental values of openness, participation, transfer, diversity and internationality. In this way, an interdisciplinary and international Weizenbaum research culture is to be structurally strengthened.

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  • Guidelines for Doctoral Student Supervision

    The guidelines for doctoral student supervision are intended to present the cooperation between doctoral students and their supervisors in a practical and everyday manner. They address essential elements of the dissertation cycle from the start to the defense and publication.

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