Research at the Weizenbaum Institute aims to strengthen self-determination and sustainability in dealing with digital technology. To this end, interdisciplinary basic research, value-based exploration of concrete solutions, and dialogue with politics, business, and civil society are combined.

Research at the Weizenbaum Institute

We conduct multifaceted research into the conditions, phenomena and consequences of digitalization. Our working principles are interdisciplinarity, basic orientation, openness, participation and a long-term perspective.

Our research topics, methods and formats are continuously subjected to scrutiny and further developed in dialogue with societal stakeholders. In this way, we play a pioneering role in the development of digitization research.

In addition, we analyze, test and promote Open Science and the digitization of science. We consider dialogue and knowledge transfer in politics, business and civil society to be one of our essential tasks. 

Updated research program

To kick off the first establishment phase in September 2022, the Weizenbaum Institute has updated its research program. In order to investigate the relevant challenges and opportunities of digital transformation for individuals and societies in an interdisciplinary, basic and value-based manner, research will henceforth be organized in four interdisciplinary research foci:

  1. Digital technologies in society: between opportunities for participation and new inequalities.
  2. Digital markets and publics on platforms: between common good and economic imperatives
  3. Organization of knowledge: between openness and exclusivity
  4. Digital infrastructures in democracy: between security and freedom

Each focus area analyzes a societal tension that forms the common reference for the work in each of the four research groups assigned to a focus area. The research groups are flanked and supported by the new Weizenbaum Digital Science Center, which provides research, networking, orientation and infrastructure services for interdisciplinary digitization research and strengthens the coherence of research.

To the research program of the set-up phase 2017 - 2022