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Developing and Designing

The Weizenbaum Institute provides various infrastructure services for national and international digitization research. In addition, it provides infrastructures for encounters between research and social stakeholders and participates in the development of transfer formats. In this way, it contributes to the development and shaping not only of digitalization research, but of the digital and networked society itself.i.

Weizenbaum Panel Data Explorer
With the Weizenbaum Panel Data Explorer, you can search and analyze the results of the Weizenbaum Panel's annual survey on media use, political participation, civic norms and more.
Index digital sovereignty
Digital sovereignty, i.e. the ability to shape and control the digital world, has now become very popular. However, although many political players can agree that digital sovereignty needs to be strengthened, it is often unclear how this should be achieved or demonstrated.
Interdisciplinary Digitalization Research Cartography
The Weizenbaum Institute not only researches the digitalization of society, but also researches digitalization research itself. This comprehensive and carefully curated map provides orientation on interdisciplinary digitization research in German-speaking countries.