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Mediating and Networking

The Weizenbaum Institute is in close contact with its network partners and other stakeholders from politics, business and civil society. This dialogue is not only about the utilization context of science, but also about working out the relevance of topics, questions and challenges and reflecting them back into digitalization research. In addition, the Weizenbaum Institute sees itself as a platform and moderator for social dialogue on digitalization issues.

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Weizenbaum Debate
The Weizenbaum Debate opens the space for controversial but respectful debates on the major challenges of digital society. Besides experts, everyone interested in digital politics is invited.
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Weizenbaum Conference
The annual conference of the Weizenbaum Institute brings together experts from various disciplines and on topics such as artificial intelligence, responsibility and sustainability, or digital independence from around the world.
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The Weizenbaum Institute is part of the largest German civil society alliance for a sustainable digital transformation, the Bits & Bäume Alliance
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Berlin Science Week
Every year, as part of the Berlin Science Week, the Weizenbaum Institute and its researchers present the significant and differentiated aspects of digitalization research to a broad audience.
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Pizza and...
At Pizza and... people from the political sphere meet our researchers to talk about current digitalization topics while enjoying a pizza.
Policy Roundtable
Our policy roundtables bring together policy makers, scientists, and experts to discuss the regulation of digital technologies.