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Research Syntheses

In research syntheses, the current state of research on central issues of digitization is prepared for audiences in science and society in an interdisciplinary, systematic, comprehensible and compact way. Where possible, recommendations for action and statements for digital practice are derived. There are few incentives for research syntheses in the science system. Therefore, although there is a significant need for them, such studies are rarely written.

Research syntheses are intended to serve two functions: On the one hand, they are intended to show the current state of research for the scientific community. In the field of digitization in particular, research on similar questions is often being conducted in parallel in different disciplines. Making this visible promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. It also identifies research gaps and topics for future research.  

On the other hand, research syntheses should be translation aids for non-scientific target groups. For this purpose, scientific knowledge on relevant issues in politics, administration, economy, civil society and media shall be presented in a compact and comprehensible way. It should enable evidence-based discourse and decision-making. These syntheses can also be used in educational work.

The research syntheses also take up results from WI researchers and place them in a larger context. The WI's claim to conduct interdisciplinary fundamental research is expressed in these syntheses: they are intended to show how fundamental considerations and findings can lead to new perspectives and insights.