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To ensure that researchers have everything they need for excellent research - and can also work well, develop further and be effective - they are supported by dedicated teams in various areas.

  • Office of the Managing Board

    The Office of the Managing Board supports and accompanies the work of the Managing Board in all matters. In addition to strategic issues and administrative activities, this includes in particular committee work, reporting and research coordination. The latter acts as an interface between research and the areas that support science.

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  • Research Management

    The aim of research management is to translate the working principles defined in the mission statement into structures and processes within the Institute and to strengthen the Institute's networking and visibility.

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  • Transfer and Dialogue

    With its activities, the Transfer and Dialogue division promotes interest in science, contributes to social awareness and education and helps shape social dialog.

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  • Communications

    The communications team is responsible for the external and internal communication of the Weizenbaum Institute and supports researchers in positioning themselves and their work visibly in relevant target groups.

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  • Human Ressources

    The promotion of talent, scientific careers and international networking are central concerns of the Weizenbaum Institute.

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  • Finances

    The Finance department is responsible for ongoing bookkeeping, cost and performance accounting, purchasing, procurement and commercial processing as well as the management of grants and financial reporting.

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  • IT

    The IT department of the Weizenbaum Institute provides the employees of the Weizenbaum Institute and the scientists with a powerful and modern IT environment.

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In order to develop a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, we integrate the perspectives, approaches and possible solutions from computer science, social sciences, law and ethics, as well as computer science and design research.

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