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We want to help ensure that digitalization and networking are not only better understood, but can also be shaped in a sustainable, self-determined and responsible way.

This is why knowledge transfer, exchange with non-scientific stakeholders and mutual learning are central to our self-image as the Weizenbaum Institute. We understand transfer as a mutual learning process that takes place in dialog with non-scientific stakeholders and attach great importance to a diverse debate. We create participative, co-creative, integrative and interdisciplinary formats so that as many people as possible can take part. 

Our transfer strategy aims to provide evidence-based and value-oriented orientation, networking and infrastructure services for politics, business and civil society. At the same time, we are also continuously developing our research topics, methods and formats in dialog with scientific and social stakeholders.

Our diverse transfer activities can be systematized along the following pillars:

  1. Orientation services: Explaining and Advising
  2. Networking services: Mediating and Networking
  3. Infrastructure services: Developing and Designing

Explaining and advising

The Weizenbaum Institute provides various orientation services: It communicates its own research findings, determines the state of research on current issues and prepares the findings for a non-scientific audience. It also draws conclusions based on its guiding values of self-determination and sustainability and can advise stakeholders from politics, business and civil society with evidence-based and value-oriented recommendations for action.

Mediating and networking

The Weizenbaum Institute is in close contact with its network partners and other stakeholders from politics, business and civil society. This dialogue is not only about the utilization context of science, but also about working out the relevance of topics, questions and challenges and reflecting them back into digitalization research. In addition, the Weizenbaum Institute sees itself as a platform and moderator for social dialogue on digitalization issues.

Developing and Designing

The Weizenbaum Institute provides various infrastructure services for national and international digitization research. In addition, it provides infrastructures for encounters between research and social stakeholders and participates in the development of transfer formats. In this way, it contributes to the development and shaping not only of digitalization research, but of the digital and networked society itself.