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Weizenbaum Movie Night

The Weizenbaum Movie Night features films on diverse topics of digitalization. We always invite experts or filmmakers to the screening with whom the audience can delve further into the issues.

Every year, the Weizenbaum Institute hosts the Weizenbaum Movie Night in cooperation with the Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung. During this event, films and documentaries centered around the theme of digitlization are showcased. The Movie Night serves not only as an entertainment platform but also as an educational and discussion forum, allowing the audience to participate in panel discussions where experts and filmmakers share their perspectives. These discussions promote an informed dialogue about the impacts of technologies on our society and provide space for questions, criticism, and reflection.

Weizenbaum Movie Night 2023

At the Weizenbaum Movie Night in August 2023, the documentary “Weizenbaum: Rebel at Work” was screened. This movie portrays the life of Joseph Weizenbaum, a Berlin-born Jewish emigrant and witness of the century. He was not only a storyteller and joke teller but also known as the “grandfather nerd” of computer science. Beyond the realm of science, he became a cult figure.

Among those present were Gunna Wendt, a longtime companion of Joseph Weizenbaum, as well as the directors of the movie, Silvia Holzinger and Peter Haas, who accompanied him through Berlin at that time. Before the movie, we had the special opportunity to talk to them about the life and work of Joseph Weizenbaum, and they shared some anecdotes and interesting insights with us.