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Policy Roundtable

Our policy roundtables bring together policy makers, scientists, and experts to discuss the regulation of digital technologies.

In 2022 and 2023, the Weizenbaum Institute, in collaboration with the Dutch NGO ALLAI, organized a series of policy roundtables on the currently discussed EU AI Act. These discussions aimed not only to explore the scope of the law but also to address requirements for high-risk AI, roles and responsibilities, and, notably, the specific prohibitions outlined in the AI regulation. Political stakeholders and a broad audience of experts engaged in open discussions about the implications of the AI Act, raising questions and concerns, expanding their understanding of the law to sharpen their positions.

Researchers from the Weizenbaum Institute, MIT, Oxford Internet Institute, ALLAI, and other research institutions provided their insights and contextualized expertise on the technology regulation political initiatives for the participants.  These policy roundtables proved to be an effective format for establishing new connections among researchers, policy experts, and decision-makers, forming a diverse network capable of shaping future policy recommendations for digital issues.

Further policy roundtables are planned and will be announced here shortly.