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Weizenbaum Library

The Weizenbaum Library collects the scientific publications of the Weizenbaum Institute, in particular journal articles, books, contributions to edited volumes, conference papers and research data, provided they are licensed under an Open Access license (usually a Creative Commons license).

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Weizenbaum Journal of the Digital Society

The open access journal offers national and international scientists a forum for contributions to interdisciplinary research on the social impact of digitalization.

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Weizenbaum Report

The annual Weizenbaum Report reports on long-term developments in political participation and analyzes the digital transformation of civic action.

Weizenbaum Report 2023

The year 2022 opened up significantly more opportunities for citizens to get involved in politics again with the lifting of most COVID infection protection measures, after the previous two years had been characterized by far-reaching restrictions on public life. In addition, global political events such as Russia's attack on Ukraine and the protests against the authoritarian regime in Iran had a mobilizing effect on the German population, which is reflected in an increase in the number of demonstrations compared to the previous year.
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Weizenbaum Series

The publications in the Weizenbaum Series present the results of the Institute's ongoing research. The series is open to various publication formats such as monographs, technical reports, preprints, working papers and many more.

Sustainable Digital Sovereignty: Interdependencies Between Sustainable Digitalization and Digital Sovereignty

This study is dedicated to the interdependencies between digital sovereignty and sustainable digitalization, which need to be explicitly linked to an increasing degree in political discourse, academia, and societal debates. Digital skills are the prerequisites for shaping digitalization in the interest of society and sustainable development.
Bianca Herlo, André Ullrich, and Gergana Vladova
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Policy Papers

Policy papers are scientifically based statements, position papers and briefings on current political issues and decision-making processes.

What the Scientific Community Needs from Data Access under Art. 40 DSA

Ulrike Klinger, Jakob Ohme
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Weizenbaum Conference Proceedings

The Weizenbaum Conference takes place once a year in Berlin. The Conference Proceedings are a collection of the papers presented at the respective conference by national and international scientists.

AI, Big Data, Social Media, and People on the Move

Proceedings of the Weizenbaum Conference 2023
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Annual Reports

The Annual Reports of the Weizenbaum Institute document in detail the work, activities and developments of the Institute in a given research year. They also list all publications published by Weizenbaum Institute researchers in the respective reporting period.

Annual Report 2021/2022

September 2022 was an important turning point for our still young Weizenbaum Institute: after the five-year start-up phase, we entered the establishment phase in the fall. This makes it an appropriate time to take stock, which we want to do in this annual report: What have we achieved? What path are we taking to turn the "Weizenbaum Institute" project into an independent research institution?
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Individual publications

The individual publications are publications that have been produced as part of cooperative projects.

Shaping Digital Transformation for a Sustainable Society. Contributions from Bits & Bäume

By combining our political demands set by all 13 Bits & Bäume hosting organisations with the diferent perspectives of our more than 65 authors, we want to demonstrate that a different digitalisation is feasible. To help the discourse transcend national boundaries, we have made this journal accessible to a broad audience by publishing it free, digitally and in English. We hope that this publication ofers you fresh perspectives, illuminates new pathways and inspires you to get or stay actively involved in the Bits & Bäume movement.
Patricia Jankowski, Anja Höfner, Marja Lena Hofmann, Friederike Rohde, Rainer Rehak & Johanna Graf (Hrg.)

We and AI – Living in a Datafied World: Experiences & Attitudes of Young Europeans

This report examines young Europeans’ attitudes toward and experiences with AI in a broad societal context. It explores how young people experience and perceive an increasingly datafied world and shed light on their attitudes toward AI in various domains.
Emilija Gagrčin, Nadja Schaetz, Niklas Rakowski, Roland Toth, Dr. André Renz, Dr. Gergana Vladova und Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer