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Annual Reports

The annual reports of the Weizenbaum Institute are published annually in fall and present in detail the work, activities and developments of the Institute in the past research year. In addition, they list all publications published by the scientists at the Weizenbaum Institute during the respective reporting period.

  • Annual Report 2019/2020

    Research for the Networked Society – The German Internet Institute

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Weizenbaum Series

The publications of the Weizenbaum Series present results from the ongoing research of the institute. The series is open for different publication formats such as monographs, technical reports, preprints, working papers and many more.

  • Weizenbaum Series #16 Policy Paper

    Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt in und nach der COVID-19-Krise: Thesen und Handlungsempfehlungen

    Florian Butollo, Jana Flemming, David Wandjo, Christine Gerber und Martin Krzywdzinski

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Weizenbaum Report

In the Weizenbaum Report Series we publish studies on current research topics at the interface of digitalisation and society.

  • Weizenbaum Report 2021

    Political Participation in Germany

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Single Publications

Single publications that have been published in the context of cooperative projects.

  • We and AI – Living in a Datafied World: Experiences & Attitudes of Young Europeans

    A joint study with the Goethe Institute.

    Emilija Gagrčin, Nadja Schaetz, Niklas Rakowski, Roland Toth, Dr. André Renz, Dr. Gergana Vladova und Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer


Weizenbaum Conference Proceedings

Once a year the Weizenbaum Conference takes place in Berlin. The Conference Proceedings are a compendium of the papers presented at the respective conference by national and international researchers. 

  • Democracy in Flux

    Order, Dynamics and Voices in Digital Public Spheres

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