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Weizenbaum Library

The Weizenbaum Library is the open access repository of the Weizenbaum Institute. It makes the open research results (publications and research data) of the Institute permanently accessible worldwide.

The mission of the Weizenbaum Library (WL) is to collect, preserve, and expand access to the scientific publications of the Weizenbaum Institute, especially journal articles, books, contributions to edited volumes, conference papers as well as research data, as long as they are under an Open Access licence (usually a Creative Commons licence). Among other things, it collects the Weizenbaum publications and the results of the Weizenbaum Panel.

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  • receive free access to current research results of interdisciplinary digitisation research;
  • may carry out full-text searches;
  • may filter or browse by author, research group, research focus, keyword;
  • may reuse research data;
  • have central access to Weizenbaum publications (Weizenbaum Journal of the Digital Society, Weizenbaum Series, Weizenbaum Report, Weizenbaum Conference Proceedings, Weizenbaum Policy Papers)

Advantages for authors

  • Research results receive better visibility worldwide. The documents contained in the WL can be found via national and international library catalogues, search engines (Google Search, Google Scholar, etc.) and other aggregators or reference tools (BASE, OpenAIRE, etc.).
  • The documents held in the WL are permanently available and can be cited via a persistent identifier.
  • Publications can be linked to the corresponding open research data.
  • Research groups of the WI can present their open research results in one place.

Technology and organisation

The Weizenbaum Library is based on the open source repository software DSpace 7. At a later stage, non-textual material (electronic images, sounds and video material) will also be included, for example, lecture recordings or podcasts. In this way, the WL recognises the growing diversity of possible forms of scientific output. Furthermore, it is planned to expand the WL into a thematic repository for interdisciplinary digitisation research.

The repository is supervised by the Research Data Management Officer at the Weizenbaum Institute, Dr. Dietmar Kammerer. Scientific and technical support is provided by the research group Digitalization and Opening up Science, represented by its director Prof. Dr. Sonja Schimmler and Fabian Kirstein. Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauswirth is the WI director in charge.