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The Weizenbaum Institute is supported by a research association from Berlin and Brandenburg. As an independent research institution, the Weizenbaum-Institut e.V. is the central hub of this research network structure.

  • Consortium

    The Weizenbaum Institute is supported by a research consortium from Berlin and Brandenburg, which includes the four major Berlin universities, the University of Potsdam and two non-university research institutions.

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  • Weizenbaum-Institut e.V.

    The Weizenbaum-Institut e. V. is an independent research institution. At the same time, it is the central hub of the research network structure.

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  • Board

    The Board manages the Weizenbaum Institute and represents the institute externally. It is responsible for the overall coordination of cooperation within the research consortium.

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  • Directorate

    The Directorate advises the Board on matters of major importance. It is responsible for questions of scientific and strategic coordination.

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  • Principal Investigators

    The coherence and further development of the research program as well as the scientific excellence and thematic range of research at the Institute are ensured by the Principal Investigators.

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  • Institute Council

    The Institute Council is the successor of the Scientific Council and the central place for exchange on Institute matters, in which all relevant status groups are represented. 

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  • Board of Trustees

    In accordance with the statutes, the Board of Trustees monitors the activities of the Managing Board. The Board comprises representatives of the partners and the Institute's funding bodies.

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  • Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board advises the Managing Board and the Board of Trustees on all important issues relating to the Institute's strategy, research and dialog with society. It comprises members from the fields of science, politics, business, civil society and the media.

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