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Policy Papers

The Weizenbaum Policy Papers comprise scientifically based statements, position papers and briefings on current political issues and decision-making processes. They analyze problem areas and outline evidence-based positions and recommendations for decision-makers in politics, business and civil society.

What the Scientific Community Needs from Data Access under Art. 40 DSA

Ulrike Klinger, Jakob Ohme

Was die Wissenschaft im Rahmen des Datenzugangs nach Art. 40 DSA braucht

Ulrike Klinger, Jakob Ohme

Delegated Regulation on Data Access Provided for the Digital Services Act

Ulrike Klinger, Jakob Ohme

Submission of Views on Issues for Further Consideration for Digital Sequence Information on Genetic Resources

Weizenbaum Institute

Ein Dateninstitut für Deutschland: Stellungnahme des Weizenbaum-Instituts

Zohar Efroni, Hans-Christian Gräfe, Prisca von Hagen et al.

Access and Benefit-Sharing on Digital Sequence Information

Irma Klünker

A Digital Euro for the EU

Martin Florian, Ingolf G.A. Pernice

Position Paper Regarding Data Act

Zohar Efroni, Prisca von Hagen, Lisa Völzmann et al.

Stellungnahme zum Entwurf des Digitalisierungsgesetzes der Landesregierung Schleswig-Holstein

Ferdinand Müller, Alexandra Keiner, Finn Schädlich et al.