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Interdisciplinary Digitalization Research Cartography

The Weizenbaum Institute not only researches the digitalization of society, but also researches digitalization research itself. This comprehensive and carefully curated map provides orientation on interdisciplinary digitization research in German-speaking countries.

The Weizenbaum Institute (WI) is currently creating a comprehensive and carefully curated map of interdisciplinary digitization research in Germany. In this way, the WI is creating orientation knowledge that informs the research field and its practice partners.

This map provides an overview of the interdisciplinary field of digitization research by showing the relevant research institutions. The map helps in the search for possible cooperation partners. It thus promotes cooperation between disciplines and research institutions. The map also provides information on trends and gaps in digitization research and can thus contribute to the direction of future research.

This map is continuously updated in direct dialogue with the dynamic landscape of digitization research. Through the future implementation of differentiated filter mechanisms and the in-depth analysis of the available data, it generates significant added value for the self-regulation of the field.

At present, this map provides insights into existing institutes and research centers of interdisciplinary digitization research. It also includes corresponding research activities at universities, non-university research institutions and DFG programs and projects (up to and including September 2023). In addition, a crowd-sourcing option will be implemented, which will be editorially monitored for quality assurance purposes. Additions can be made by sending a message to idrc[at] We have defined criteria for inclusion in the map, which are linked below the map. This ensures the continuous integration of new initiatives and thus also reflects the evolution of the landscape.

This is currently a beta version; the release of a full version is planned for the first quarter of 2024. This will be based on a new software solution that includes better filter and search options as well as data download.

Is your publicly funded interdisciplinary institute, center or research focus missing from the map? Write to us at idrc[at]

Please note the criteria for inclusion in the map of interdisciplinary digitization research.

We are also grateful for any further hints and ideas for improving the map.