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Explaining and Advising

The Weizenbaum Institute provides various orientation services: It communicates its own research findings, determines the state of research on current issues and prepares the findings for a non-scientific audience. It also draws conclusions based on its guiding values of self-determination and sustainability and can advise stakeholders from politics, business and civil society with evidence-based and value-oriented recommendations for action.

Weizenbaum Forum
With the Weizenbaum Forum series of events, we open up our institute to concerns and views from politics, business and civil society and invite a broad audience to exchange views on research issues relating to the networked society.
People and Patterns
Every week in this videocast, Sascha Friesike provides sociological answers to life's big and small questions.
Nine small images with schematic representations of differently shaped neural networks, a human hand making a different gesture is placed behind each network.
Scientists at the Weizenbaum Institute classify the latest developments in the field of generative artificial intelligence.
Das Bild zeigt einen Tisch mit einem Kaffeebecher, einem Notizbuch sowie einem Textmarker. Verschwommen im Hintergrund ist ein Monitor zu sehen, auf dem aktuell eine Videokonferenz stattfindet.
Citizen Science: Education for the digital world
Our blog series in Citizen Science format provides insights into digital education in an international comparison.
How are new technology trends impacting the economy? A podcast by researchers at the Weizenbaum Institute on artificial intelligence, chatbots and more.
„purple code“ geschrieben in metallisch-schwarzem Draht auf hellrotem Hintergrund.
Purple Code
Weizenbaum researchers talk to activists, artists and researchers about the systems of power behind digital technologies. A podcast that gives a voice to previously suppressed perspectives on digitalization.
Policy Papers
The Weizenbaum Policy Papers comprise scientifically based statements, position papers and briefings on current political issues and decision-making processes. They analyze problem areas and outline evidence-based positions and recommendations for decision-makers in politics, business and civil society.