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Managing Board

The Managing Board manages the Weizenbaum Institute in all matters assigned to it in the association's statutes and represents the institute externally. It is responsible for the overall coordination of cooperation within the research consortium. Together with the Board of Directors and the other committees, it is responsible for the implementation and further development of the Institute's strategy. In accordance with the statutes, the Managing Board reports regularly to the Board of Trustees and the members of the Weizenbaum-Institut e. V.

The Managing Board consists of a total of four members: three directors, one of whom acts as Scientific Director and Spokesperson of the Weizenbaum Institute (scientific board members), and an Administrative Director (administrative board member).

Office of the Managing Board

The Office of the Managing Board supports and accompanies the work of the Managing Board in all matters. In addition to strategic issues and administrative activities, this includes in particular committee work, reporting and research coordination. The latter acts as an interface between research and the areas that support science.