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Weizenbaum Panel Data Explorer

With the Weizenbaum Panel Data Explorer, you can search and analyze the results of the Weizenbaum Panel's annual survey on media use, political participation, civic norms and more.

In the spirit of open science, it not only presents research data, but also does so in a way that is easy to use.

The Weizenbaum Panel aims to shed light on the complex relationship between the digital world and political engagement. By examining phenomena such as hate speech and fake news, as well as active engagement in a culture of democratic debate, the telephone survey offers valuable insights into the constantly evolving dynamics of civic participation in Germany.

With the launch of the Data Explorer, you can explore this comprehensive data set and gain a deeper understanding of the social and political landscape in Germany. The platform offers six categories: Use of Social Media Platforms, Political Attitudes, Civic Norms, Political Participation, and Online Civic Participation. Each category offers a unique perspective that allows you to examine specific aspects of the social and political fabric in Germany.

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