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18:00 Uhr - 19:30 Uhr | digital

Technologies of Normativism: AI Governance and the Body

How are individuals (de)classified, and (re)defined so that machines can perceive them, and what are the consequences?

How do machines learn to recognize and categorize different types of people, and what are the consequences when we interact with computer systems that govern us? The way that data is collected and sorted, as well as the way technology is regulated, reflects cultural biases and norms. This effects how and if certain groups of people are seen.

In our next Weizenbaum Forum, we will discuss the influences that digital systems have on how we are perceived and governed accordingly.

Please register here until 12 March 2024

Our guests

  • Corinna Canali (Research Associate Weizenbaum Institute)
  • Anastasia Karagianni (Lawyer in the Bar Association of Thessaloniki in Greece, founder of DATAWO, PhD at Vrije University Brussels)
  • Cyan Bae (Film Maker, PhD at Leiden University)


Bianca Herlo (Research Group Lead Weizenbaum Institute)