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Purple Code

Intersectional feminist perspectives on digital societies

In this podcast, Weizenbaum researchers talk with artists, researchers, activists, journalists and gender dissidents about the systems of oppression behind digital technologies and new perspectives on the networked society.

Systems of oppression are relevant in the development of digital technologies, in their application, and in the research about them. This podcast aims towards hearing the scientific findings, subjective views, and personal experiences of women and gender dissidents who engage with digital technologies. It is hosted by three female, migrant researchers who analyze the social implications of digital technologies at the Weizenbaum Institute.
Each episode focuses on an invited guest, their work, experience, and views on relevant socio-political issues. The interviewees are for example researchers, artists, activists, and journalists. The podcast is a way to listen to voices that are often silenced, and to highlight various forms of oppression, for example sexist, racist, colonial, and other – in order to see technology and society differently.

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