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Auf einem gelben Hintergrund der Titel: Menschen und Muster. Die verborgene Wissenschaft des Alltags. Daneben das RBB Logo. Darum herum geschwungene Linien.

People and Patterns

Life has a lot of questions in store for us, big and small. Social Sciences have many of the answers. Sascha Friesike discusses them in this videocast every week.  

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Nine small images with schematic representations of differently shaped neural networks, a human hand making a different gesture is placed behind each network.


Researchers at the Weizenbaum Institute discuss current developments and social aspects of generative AI.

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„purple code“ geschrieben in metallisch-schwarzem Draht auf hellrotem Hintergrund.

Purple Code

Weizenbaum researchers talk with female artists, researchers, activists journalists and gender dissidents about new perspectives on digital technologies.

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Abstract image of a pink container on a green background out of which brightly colored forms (purple, yellow, red, turquoise) ascend.

TechTalks - Insights into Humans and Computers

This podcast hosted by researchers from the Weizenbaum Institute delves into new technology trends and their effects on the business world. 

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W\100 - Celebrating Joseph Weizenbaum‘s 100th Birthday

Joseph Weizenbaum would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2023. To mark this anniversary, we have explored his eventful life, his work and his impact in many events, podcasts and publications.

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