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People and Patterns

The science behind everyday patterns

Life has a lot of questions in store for us, big and small. Social Sciences have many of the answers. Sascha Friesike discusses them in this videocast every week.

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes feel “like a fish out of water”, why we find it harder to throw away self-made things, or why serendipitous moments occur in our lives? There are many invisible patterns hidden beneath the surface of our daily lives that shape our behaviors and preferences. But have you ever paused to consider why we actually do the things we do, like the things we like? 

Every week, Sascha Friesike, one of the Weizenbaum Institute’s directors, explains the mysteries of everyday social phenomena and sheds light on the underlying principles of prominent social science theories. Starting with examples that we can all relate to, these short but engaging videos, created in collaboration with rbbWissen (Berlin-Brandenburg Public Broadcast), show us what social sciences can explain about or behavior, its benefits and its effects. You'll discover renowned scientists, their groundbreaking experiments, and delightful tidbits about life.

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All videos are in German. However, Youtube provides subtitles in many languages.

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Research Group Reorganization of Knowledge Practices

This research group examines how a reorganization of scientific practices along digital principles can contribute to individual and societal self-determination. New knowledge practices within and outside of the Weizenbaum Institute will be reflected upon drawing on organizational theory with a focus on qualitative research methods in order to design approaches for politics, the economy, and civil society.

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