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Affiliated fellowship with one or more research group(s)/unit(s)

This program is aimed at researchers who are interested in a fellowship with one or more specific research group(s) or research unit(s).

Fellows work at the Weizenbaum Institute for one to six months and research together with one or more of the Institute's host research groups/units (, with the aim of realizing joint projects and publications.


Step 1: Availability

Please contact one or more research groups/units in your research area of interest and clarify in advance whether there is a possibility for a guest stay: Contact research groups.

Step 2: Application

In case of positive feedback, attach the following documents to your application:

  1. Letter of motivation (1 page)
  2. Curriculum vitae and publication list
  3. Application form
  4. Project description

The project description should not exceed 2 pages. When describing your project, please consider the aspects of innovation and interdisciplinarity and address the following points: abstract, research question, methods, work plan for the fellow period at the WI, connection points of the own project to the profile of the WI, output.

Step 3: Review and feedback

After reviewing the application documents, you will receive feedback from the research groups. The selection of the fellows is the responsibility of the research groups, the administration is done centrally by the Weizenbaum-Institut e.V.

Download application form

Fellow Expense Allowance

The fellows receive a lump-sum allowance to support their living expenses. The expense allowance is made up of two components: 

  • a basic rate, which is set as an expense for one month of attendance at the WI and is graded according to career level, and 
  • a lump sum for travel expenses graded according to distance. 

Basic rates for:

Doctoral candidate: 3.000 €/month 
Postdocs (incl. Assist./Associate Professors):  4.000 €/month 
Jun. Professors, Professors:  5.000 €/month 

If the period of stay differs from a monthly period, the expense allowance will be calculated proportionately.

In addition, a monthly family allowance of 500 € can be paid, if the fellow is accompanied by child(ren).

Lump sum for travel costs:

  • within Germany 200 €
  • within Europe (also non-EU countries) 500 €
  • outside Europe 1.200 €

This lump sum covers the travel costs for the fellow's arrival and departure. Any additional costs incurred cannot be invoiced separately to the WI.