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Contact Research Groups

This overview presents the individual research groups of the Weizenbaum-Institut e.V. as well as the network partners (organisation) with the respective contact persons.

Research Focus 1: Digital Technologies in Society

RG: Well-being in the Digital World
Annika Baumann: annika.baumann[at]
Antonia Köster: antonia.koester[at]

RG: Digitisation, Sustainability and Participation
André Ullrich: andre.ullrich[at]

RG: Design, Diversity and New Commons
Michelle Christensen: m.christensen[at]
Florian Conradi:
Bianca Herlo: bianca.herlo[at]

RG: Data, Algorithmic Systems and Ethics 
Maria de los Milagros Miceli: m.miceli[at]

Research Focus 2: Digital Markets and Publics on Platforms

RG: Digital News Dynamics
Jakob Ohme: jakob.ohme[at]

RG: Digital Economy, Internet, Ecosystems and Internet Policy
Volker Stocker: volker.stocker[at]

RG: Platform Algorithms and Digital Propaganda
Elizaveta Kuznetsova: elizaveta.kuznetsova[at]

RG: Dynamics of Digital Mobilisation
Annett Heft: annett.heft[at]

Research Focus 3: Organisation of Knowledge

RG: Work with Artificial Intelligence
Florian Butollo: 

RG: Reorganisation of Knowledge Practices
Maximilian Heimstädt: max.heimstaedt[at]

RG: Digitalisation and Opening up Science: Research Data Infrastructures
Sonja Schimmler: sonja.schimmler[at]

RG: Education in the Digital World
Gergana Vladova: gergana.vladova[at]

Research Focus 4: Digital Infrastructures in Democracy

RG: Norm-setting and Decision-making Processes
Simon Schrör: simon.schroer[at]

RG: Digitalisation and Networked Security
Thomas Kox: thomas.kox[at]

RG: Security and Transparency of Digital Processes
Stephan Fahrenkrog-Petersen: fahrenks[at]

RG: Technology, Power and Domination
Lena Ulbricht: lena.ulbricht[at]

Weizenbaum Digital Science Center

Weizenbaum Panel, Method Lab
Christian Strippel: christian.strippel[at]

Meta-Research, Research Syntheses, Commentary on Legislative Procedures