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Vincent August

Ehemaliger Research Fellow

Vincent August (né Rzepka) is a social scientist working in political theory at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He has been a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, a Humboldt Research Track Scholar, and he is editorial board member with the Theorieblog. Vincent’s research fields are social and political theory, the history of political thought and political sociology.

In recent years, Vincent pursued two main research projects. As part of his first project, he is investigating the current calls for transparency, unraveling the history, mechanism, and unintended consequences of transparency. Vincent’s second project examines the rise of network ideas, asking how cybernetic ideas impacted social and political thought, such as Foucault, Luhmann and network governance theory. The research reveals that network ideas rose in response to the fundamental crises of modernity in the 1970s and produce significant challenges for democratic societies.

Positionen am Weizenbaum Institut

Research Fellow:

Forschungsgruppe „Demokratie und Digitalisierung

Januar - Februar 2019


Political and social theory / History of thought / history of ideas / General and political sociology



Dissertation on the rise of network ideas in the crisis of modernity (“Technologisches Regieren. Der Aufstieg des Netzwerk-Denkens in der Krise der Moderne. Foucault, Luhmann und die Kybernetik”, submitted 11/2018).

[From ›Ungovernability‹ to Governance: Neoliberal, Teleological, and Technological Critiques of the State] Von ›Unregierbarkeit‹ zu Governance: Neoliberale, teleologische und technologische Staatskritik.
In: Cavuldak, Ahmet (Hg.): Die Grammatik der Demokratie

[Theory and Practice of Transparency. A Preliminary Synthesis.] Theorie und Praxis der Transparenz. Eine Zwischenbilanz. In: Berliner Blätter, 11/76, 2018, pp. 129-156.

[Towards a Conflictive Liberalism. Chantal Mouffe’s Defence of the Liberal Democracy]. Für einen konfliktiven Liberalismus. Chantal Mouffes Verteidigung der liberalen Demokratie. In: Zeitschrift für Politische Theorie, 2/2014, pp. 217-233 (co-authored with Grit Straßenberger).

[The Order of Transparency. Jeremy Bentham and the Genealogy of a Democratic Norm] Die Ordnung der Transparenz. Jeremy Bentham und die Genealogie einer demokratischen Norm. Lit: Berlin 2013.

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin