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Louise Jørring

Ehemalige Doktorandin

Louise Jørring is a research assistant and PhD candidate of the Research Group 13 “Digital Citizenship” at the Weizenbaum Institute. In 2017 Louise Jørring received her Master’s degree in Sociology from University of Copenhagen. In her thesis, she explored the challenges that arise in the implementation of the Danish integration program with an ethnographic approach.

Her profile is characterized by a great interest in qualitative methods and the new methodological opportunities and challenges digital technologies create. Her interests at the Weizenbaum Institute lie in exploring micro sociological processes, which occur in the intersection between digitization and citizenship.

Positionen am Weizenbaum Institut

Ehemalige Doktorandin:

Forschungsgruppe „Digital Citizenship


Conference presentations

Jorring, L., Valentim, A., & Porten-Cheé, P. (2018). Mapping the Field: A Literature Review on Digital Citizenship. The Internet, Policy & Politics Conference. September 20-21 Oxford.

Freie Universität Berlin (FU)