Frameworks for Data Markets

The Research Group (Previously named: Data as a Means of Payment) examines data usage in the digital economy from legal, psychological and economic perspectives. Our research focuses on the functioning of digital markets as well as the chances and risks of data trade. It includes questions of private autonomy in the areas of tension between data markets, data protection, contract law, data rights, and cognitive and emotional-motivational dynamic processes that drive individuals to permit use of their personal data.

Data usage in the digital economy

We analyse data usage in the digital economy from legal, psychological and economic perspectives. Our main focus is on fundamental questions of private autonomy in connection with data protection law and contract law, the ways digital markets function and their implications in the area of competition law. We are interested in the legal classification of actions involving collection of and trade in data. In this context, we explore specific questions such as strategies of digital pricing, general and sector-specific rights to access data, as well as visualizations of privacy-related provisions and practises.

We are interested in multifaceted and cross-sectional topics such as existing and potential rights of access to data, which we investigate in a differentiated manner according to the interacting parties, the kind of data in question, and the scope of application of access rights.

Types of digital pricing

Further, we look into the impact of digitalisation on companies’ pricing policies. We critically scrutinise from an economic analysis of law perspective different types of digital pricing that already exist or are currently being developed. The objective is to evaluate options for regulation, especially in regard to consumer protection.

Subject of our psychological research

Our psychological research focuses in particular on the cognitive and emotional-motivational dynamic processes underlying the often-comprehensive disclosure of personal data by users of digital services and the resulting individual and societal consequences of this behaviour. Concretely, we investigate to what extent the risks associated with the disclosure of personal data can be taken into account in the visualization of data processing aspects in order to increase the motivation, attention and awareness of users and counteract cognitive biases.

Fellowships available

We are looking for fellows (m/f/d) with a background in psychology or human factors

We are looking for fellows (m/f/d) with a background in economics

Research Group Members

Former Members of the Research Group

Malika Akim Lena Mischau
Niklas v. Kalckreuth Isabella Rick
Tobias Kleinschmitt Marie Schirmbeck
Isabel Kostadinov Nieke Wagner
Malte Mackensen  



Data as a Means of Payment

Privacy Icons

Legal Frameworks of the Data Economy

Digital Trust

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