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Security & Transparency

In this cross-sectional format, our scientists devoted themselves to the exchange and joint research on topics that touch on the area of tension between security and openness.

This cross-sectional format conducted research at the Weizenbaum Institute from 2017 to 2022. In the newly launched research program, research will henceforth be organised in 16 research groups. These will be flanked and supported by the new Weizenbaum Digital Science Center.

The guiding research questions were: What dimensions of security and openness are there and what related concepts can be found in different research disciplines? What new design perspectives arise for digital societies if openness and security are to be reconciled?

Several lectures and discussion groups were organized for this purpose. Due to the special situation, these were partly held as video conferences. This not only had disadvantages, as it turned out that it was easier for external persons in particular to participate in the digital events. In addition to the interdisciplinary exchange of content, publication formats were developed with which the findings can be made accessible to the research community, but also to politics and society.