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Open Educational Practices

As part of this project, a self-assessment tool was developed for lecturers at academic institutions to support the design and evaluation of participatory teaching and learning formats.


This self-assessment tool is intended to help lecturers at academic institutions to better assess the degree of "openness" in terms of student participation in teaching. In the tool, a lecturer is asked about a concrete teaching/learning course. Based on this, the interviewee receives (methodological) suggestions including interesting links for teaching practice.


The aim of the self-assessment tool is to determine the status quo of student participation in higher education teaching and learning and to prepare it for science and politics.


A quantitative, anonymized survey is carried out. The results are incorporated into recommendations for action for political decision-makers in the education discourse.

Project: Increasing participation and creating a culture of commons - an Open Educational Practices self-assessment tool for teaching and learning

Duration: 1 March - 30 December 2023

Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research


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