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Dr. Michael Wessel

Former Research Fellow

Michael Wessel is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Digitalization of Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. His research resides at the intersection of information systems, innovation management, and digital entrepreneurship and is driven by a fascination for paradigm-shifting phenomena caused by the digital transformation that challenge long-standing institutional structures.

Michael has a pronounced research interest in digital platforms and how they enable value creation outside of a firm’s traditional boundaries. His work has been published in international journals such as Information Systems Journal, Journal of Information Technology, Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, and Electronic Markets. During his fellowship, he will continue his research on online healthcare platforms in collaboration with researchers from the Weizenbaum Institute.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Research Fellow

Research Group "Digital Technologies and Well-being"

20 July - 09 August 2020

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark