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Lisa-Maria Neudert

Former Research Fellow
Lisa-Maria Neudert

Lisa-Maria Neudert is a Doctoral Candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute and a Research Fellow with “Democracy and Digitalisation” at the Weizenbaum Institut. Neudert studies the regulation of platforms with a particular focus on governance around AI, content moderation, and dis/misinformation. Her recent work on regulatory innovation in digital domains has appeared in “The Political Quarterly”, and other journals.

Neudert is a core researcher at the Programme on Democracy and Technology at the Oxford Internet Institute and the Secretary to the Oxford Commission on AI & Good Governance at the Oxford University. She holds an MSc in Social Science of the Internet from the University of Oxford, UK, and a BA in Communication Science from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany. Selected as a Fulbright scholar she studied at the Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA, and the National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Neudert’s commentary writing has appeared in The Guardian, MIT Tech Review and TechCrunch, and a host of other popular outlets.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Research Fellow

Research Group "Democracy and Digitalisation"

Twitter: @lmneudert

1 March 2021 - 31 May 2021

Fields of research

Platform Governance, internet & policy, political communication



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