Dr. Isabel Steinhardt

Research Fellow

Isabel is a postdoc researcher at the University of Kassel since 2018 and has a phd in Sociology. She was previously involved in the project "External and internal quality assurance of teaching and learning through accreditation and evaluation processes" at the International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER) Kassel. Since 2015, she is a member of the Competence Centre for Empirical Research Methods at the University of Kassel and offers advice on qualitative research methods. The blog "sozialwissenschaftliche Methodenberatung" was created because of this activity. Isabel was also a visiting scholar at Melbourne University in 2015. Since this year she is also a mentor in the Open Science Fellow Program of Wikimedia, Volkswagenstiftung and Stifterverband.

Her current research focuses on qualitative methods and open science as well as digital practices in research, teaching and learning. The topic of digital practices is also the focus of the Research Fellowship in Research Group 11.





Universität Kassel
  • Positions

    Research Fellow:

    Research Group "Digitalisation and Scientific Value Creation"

    June and July 2019

  • Fields of research
    • Social/Digital Practices
    • Qualitative Methods
    • Open Science
    • Habitus and Milieu Research
    • Governance


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