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Fabienne Graf

Former Research Fellow

Fabienne Graf is interested in the relationships between law and new technologies. As a PhD student at the University of Lucerne (with Prof. Gruber) and the Humboldt University of Berlin (with Prof. Zech), since 2020, she has been focusing on patent law. In her work, she explores technicity in the context of software as well as related epistemological problems. At the Weizenbaum Institute, Fabienne explored the limitations of the concept of technology, as a shift in norm-setting.

Fabienne studied law in Switzerland (University of Lucerne, BLaw and MLaw) and in the USA (Duke University, LL.M.). A merit scholar, at Duke University, she conducted research on the applicability of the public trustee concept to digital platforms (with Prof. Philip Napoli). From 2017 to 2022, she worked at the Chair of Philosophy of Law and Business Law in Lucerne. Since 2021, she is a researcher at the Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law (ITSL) at the University of Zurich, working on a legal framework for Artificial Intelligence. Fabienne is co-founder of cognitio, a didactic open access publication project.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Former Research Fellow

Research Group „Shifts in Norm Setting

June - July 2022

Fields of research

Intellectual Property, Software, Innovation and Information Law, Philosophy & Theory of Law


Current publications can be found here (as of June 2022).

Universität Luzern, Schweiz