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Daniel Stader

Former Research Fellow, Open Fellowship

Daniel Stader earned his PhD in philosophy with a thesis on Kant’s concept of immaturity and its implications on the dynamics of domination. His research interest lies primarily in social philosophy, especially with regard to the entanglement of epistemic content and principles of social order.

Currently, Stader is working on a theory of performative judgement that emphasises the temporality of judgement as a social act of cognition, which, on the one hand, refers to the past and the future in a regulative way and, on the other hand, simultaneously presupposes, establishes and defines a relationship with others.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Former Research Fellow, Open Fellowship

Research Group “Technology, Power and Domination

Fields of research

(In)maturity as a claim and condition of democracy, theories of judgment, communication and intersubjectivity, social ontology, identity as a temporal-social relation


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