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Daniel Schneiß

Research Associate

Daniel is a research assistant and PhD student in the research group “Working with Artificial Intelligence” at the Weizenbaum Institute and in the DFG project “The Governance of Algorithms” at Kiel University. He studied Political Science and Law in Münster and Paris (B.A.) and holds a Master’s degree in Political Theory (LSE, MSc.) and Social Science Methods (HU, M.A.).

In his dissertation, he deals with the regulation of AI in the context of technical norm-setting procedures and standardisation processes as well as the organisational and technical implementation of regulations in companies. He is also working on the implementation of AI systems in companies and their effects on work, organisation and control.

He has also conducted research on data production and algorithmic management in industrial companies. In addition, Daniel has accompanied research on the transformation of the German automotive industry and on lobbying strategies of platform companies, in particular at the WZB.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Research Associate until 31.12.2023

Research Focus: Organizing Knowledge

Research Group: Working with Artificial Intelligence

Committees and functions

  • Member of the Working Group Ethics Committee

Fields of research

  • political reulation of algorithms
  • artificial intelligencen and the transformation of work
  • algorithmic management
  • data and algorithms as new sociological basic concepts


The Governance of Algorithms (DFG-Project, University Kiel, Prof. Dr. Robert Seyfert); Research group Globalisation, Work, and Production (WZB, Prof. Dr. Martin Krzywdzinski)


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