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VIDEO: Gender inequality and politics

Why do men and women engage in politics in different ways? We spoke to political sociologist Catherine Bolzendahl about the gendered differences in political participation, and why men seem to benefit more from online spaces than women.

Catherine Bolzendahl is an expert on gender and politics, specializing in public opinion on gender inequality, family, and sexuality. She's Director of the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University, where she oversees programs in Economics, Political Science, Public Policy, and Sociology.


Her work is comparative and focuses on Western industrialized democracies, and she publishes widely across outlets in Sociology and Political Science. Current projects include a co-authored monograph on gender differences in political activism using European Social Survey data, a paper on changes over time in Americans’ views of same-sex family, and book chapter on masculinity and political ideology.

She was a Fellow at the Weizenbaum Panel in July 2023.