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Prof. Dr. Catherine Bolzendahl

Former Research Fellow

Dr. Bolzendahl is an expert on gender and politics, specializing in public opinion on gender inequality, family, and sexuality. She has a BA from the University of Notre Dame, and her MA and PhD in Sociology from Indiana University. After 14 years at the University of California, Irvine she accepted a position as the Director of the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University, where she oversees programs in Economics, Political Science, Public Policy, and Sociology.

Her work is comparative and focuses on Western industrialized democracies, and she publishes widely across outlets in Sociology and Political Science. Current projects include a co-authored monograph on gender differences in political activism using European Social Survey data, a paper on changes over time in Americans’ views of same-sex family, and book chapter on masculinity and political ideology.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Former Research Fellow Weizenbaum Panel

3. - 31. July 2023

Committees and functions

Editorial Board Member, Sociological Perspectives

Fields of research

  • Public opinion/Survey Research
  • Quantitative methods for survey research analysis
  • Gender norms/ideology
  • Political participation, values, and norms
  • Public support for non-traditional families and homosexual identities
  • Social policy frameworks in Western industrialized democracies


Relevant research projects (selection of those currently in progress)

  • Different and Unequal? Gendered Political Participation in European Democracies (Monograph under contract with Cambridge University Press)
  • “Exploring effects of gender norms on visible online political participation” (collaborating with Katharina Heger, Christian Strippel, Laura Leißner, Martin Emmer)
  • “Masculinities and Political Ideology.” (with Canton Winer, and Tara Warner)


Relevant publications (selection of relevant pieces)
Hilde Coffé and Catherine Bolzendahl. 2021. “Are All Politics Masculine? Gender Socialized Personality Traits and Diversity in Political Engagement.” European Journal of Gender & Politics 4(1): 113-133.

Catherine Bolzendahl, Landon Schnabel, Rottem Sagi. 2019. “Religion and Democratic Citizenship: A Multilevel Examination.” Politics & Religion 12(4): 577-605.

Catherine Bolzendahl and Ksenia Gracheva. 2018. “Rejecting the West? Homonegative Attitudes and Political Orientations in Contemporary Eastern Europe.” European Journal of Politics & Gender 1(3): 345-66.

Catherine Bolzendahl. 2014. “Opportunities and Expectations: The Gendered Organization of Legislative Committees in Germany, Sweden, and the United States.” Gender & Society. 28(6): 847-76.

Hilde Coffé and Catherine Bolzendahl. 2010. “Same Game, Different Rules? Gender Differences in Political Participation.” 62(5) Sex Roles: 318-30.


Oregon State University