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17:00 Uhr - 18:30 Uhr | Weizenbaum Institute, Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin, Room: Event Hall

Ensuring Ethical AI: Guardrails without a Human in the Loop

This talk will be given by Weizenbaum Fellow Nicholas Berente, Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business.

Organizations are increasingly seeking to develop and implement artificial intelligence technologies responsibly. Many of the prevailing approaches make the assumption that humans involved can help to keep artificial intelligence from harmful action and many of existing solutions involve technical and human- centered solutions. Organizations generate principles, include humans in the loop, and design nudges for those humans. But do these approaches work? In this presentation, Nicholas Berente points to conceptual and empirical problems with many of the prevailing approaches, and instead offer a pragmatist, procedural approach to dealing with ethical issues and artificial intelligence. He further presents a study on the effectiveness of cognitive processing in support of moral decision making.

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Nicholas Berente is Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. He studies digital innovations like artificial intelligence technologies and their organizational, institutional, and ethical implications. He teaches courses on Strategic Business Technology and is Faculty Director of Notre Dame's iNDustry Labs, Director of the GAMA Lab, and affiliated faculty in Notre Dame's Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society and also Notre Dame's Technology Ethics Center. Prof. Berente received his PhD from Case Western Reserve University, conducted postdoctoral studies at the University of Michigan, and was previously faculty at the University of Georgia. He was an entrepreneur prior to his academic career, founding two technology companies. He is the principal investigator for a number of U.S. National Science Foundation projects and has won multiple awards for his teaching and his research. Prof. Berente is a senior editor for MIS Quarterly and for Information and Organization.