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Dr. Nina Hall

Ehemalige Research Fellow
Nina Hall

Nina Hall is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Her latest book is Transnational Advocacy in the Digital Era (forthcoming with Oxford University Press). The book examines the growth and global spread of digital advocacy organizations, and how they are reshaping advocacy on climate change, trade and refugee rights.  She has previously published in the International Studies Quarterly, European Journal of International Relations, Global Environmental Politics, and Global Governance. Her first book was Displacement, Development and Climate Change: International Organizations Moving Beyond their Mandates? (Routledge, 2016). She previously worked as a Lecturer at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and has a DPhil (PhD) in International Relations from the University of Oxford. She is a co-founder of an independent think tank, New Zealand Alternative. She has also written for: The Guardian, Die Zeit Online, Washington Post, Project Syndicate, and The Conversation. At Weizenbaum she is working with research group 15 examining the similarities and differences between forms of transnational mobilisation on the right and left of the political spectrum.

Positionen am Weizenbaum Institut

Ehemalige Research Fellow

Forschungsgruppe "Digitalisierung und transnationale Öffentlichkeit"

1. Juni - 30. Juli 2021


Transnational Advocacy, digital advocacy, global governance of refugees, climate activism, New Zealand foreign policy


  • Comparing forms of transnational mobilisation on the right and left of the political spectrum (Weizenbaum Research Group 15 Project)
  • Transnational Advocacy in the Digital Era (Book)
  • How Climate activists adapted to COVID-19 lock-downs



Hall, Nina, Hans Schmitz, and Michael Dedmon. 2020.“Transnational Advocacy and NGOs in the Digital Era: What’s Changing and Why?”, International Studies Quarterly, 64 (1), March 2020, pp. 159 – 167.

Hall, Nina. 2019. “When do Refugees Matter? The Importance of Issue-Salience for Digital Advocacy Organizations”, Interest Groups & Advocacy, 8 (3), 333-355.

Hall, Nina. 2019. “Norm Contestation in the Digital Era, Campaigning for Refugees Rights”, International Affairs, 95 (3), May 2019, 575 – 595.

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies