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Gameli Adzaho

Ehemaliger Research Fellow

Gameli Adzaho is a Research Fellow of the Weizenbaum Institute with the ‘Production Possibilities of the Maker Culture’ group, at UdK Berlin, where he is exploring transformation and material sustainability through open science. He is focused on 'shaping Africa and shaping young people'. He curates Global Lab Network, a community of STEM students and professionals interested in applying science and technology for social impact. He is also a Steering Committee Member of Africa Open Science & Hardware, a platform dedicated to enabling sustainable development on the continent through grassroots research & innovation.

Gameli was educated at the University of Ghana (BSc Biochemistry) and the University of Exeter (MSc Environment and Human Health), where he was a Tullow Group Scholar. His work and research interests span education, technology, public health, and sustainability. He is fascinated by community science as a tool to tackle environmental health challenges. Gameli champions STEM education, from the grassroots to international networks and policy circles. He has received awards from the Shuttleworth Foundation, the British Council, Next Einstein Forum, and the Future Earth Network, among others. He is an Alumnus of the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

Positionen am Weizenbaum Institut

Research Fellow:

Forschungsgruppe „Kritische Maker-Kultur

Oktober 2019 - 31. März 2020


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Adzaho, G., Environmental and global health impacts of electronic waste. Poster presented at: 1st Cornwall Post Graduate Researcher Conference of University of Exeter; 2014 Mar 21; Penryn, UK


Global Lab Network, Africa Open Science & Hardware