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Webalk with Dr. Simon Egbert on 11 August 2020

Join the talk on 11 August 2020 from 13:30-15:00 via Zoom on the topic: From Predictive Policing to Data Analysis Platforms: The Datafication of Policing in Germany

With the implementation of predictive policing, the police in Germany have entered the algorithmic age. The associated hype led to a sensitization of political and police decision-makers for the (propagated) potential of big data analyses. As a result, numerous projects and programs have been recently set up to promote a general datafication of policing, such as the infrastructure program ‘Police 2020’ or the introduction of data analysis platforms à la Palantir ‘Gotham’ (e.g., ‘hessenDATA‘). In my presentation, the connection between predictive policing and the datafication of the police is discussed and empirical examples for the latter are given. In addition, it is presented which epistemic and organizational effects are associated with the datafication of policing. In doing so, I will focus especially on the role of data-analysis platforms, which promise a ‘desilosation’ of data sources and its seamless integration and accessibility from a central analysis dashboard.

If you want to participate in the Webtalk, please contact Sonata Cepik to receive the Zoom Login.