Roman Proskalovich: Stable cryptocurrencies? State of the art, risks, potential

Weizenbaum Fellow Roman Proskalovich (Belarusian State University) will give an overview of the chances and risks of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Although cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have gained a lot of attention over the last years, they have not been adopted as standard means of payment. The large fluctuations in coin prices are considered as one of the main reasons for everyday users' reluctance. An increasing number of cryptocurrencies consequently devote themselves to maintaining a stable price. The so-called stablecoins propose a variety of different stabilization mechanisms and promise to maintain a 1 to 1 relation to a certain currency or as-set.

But do stablecoins fulfil their claims? Are their stabilization mechanisms effective? With which po-tential risks do they come? What other techniques can be employed to stabilize the value? And what does stability mean in general? In his talk, Roman Proskalovich will try to answer these questions based on economic theory, empirics of fiat currencies and case studies of current stablecoin projects.

For registration please send an email at: veranstaltungen-weizenbaum[at]

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