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13:00 Uhr - 14:30 Uhr | Hardenbergstr. 32 | 10623 Berlin | Room A104

CANCELED: Anna Litvinenko, Ph.D.: Re-Defining Borders Online: Russian Concept of Internet Sovereignty in the Context of Global Internet Governance

Over the past decades, Internet governance has been developing in a dialectical tug-of-war between the democratic and transnational nature of the web and attempts of national governments to put the digital space under control. Recently, the idea of Internet sovereignty has started to gain increasingly more followers among national governments.

The paper of Anna Litvinenko is a case study of the Russian concept of ‘sovereign Internet’. In 2019, the so-called law on sustainable Internet marked a new milestone in the development of the RuNet. Drawing on document analysis and on expert interviews, she reconstructs the history of the formation of the Russian Internet sovereignty model and explores the main factors that have shaped this model:

  • international relations,
  • economic,
  • political,
  • and historical trajectory.

The paper puts the Russian case into the global context, contributing to a better understanding of global Internet governance as well as to the literature on the diffusion of authoritarian norms.