Bonny Brandenburger

Research Associate

Bonny Brandenburger holds a Master of Management of European Affairs (MEA) from the University of Lille (France) and the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau (Germany) since May 2016. Within her master thesis, she researched the organizational form of the Maker Movement and its relevance in the future world of work. Subsequently, she worked on multiple projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the area of vocational education and science-business cooperation.

Since October 2018, she has received a doctoral scholarship from the Germany Economy Foundation (sdw) and has begun work on her PhD at the Chair of Business Informatics at the University of Potsdam. In her doctoral thesis, she pursues the question ‘what educational potential do university-integrated DIY-lab-infrastructures have to enhance digital competencies?’. Her research interests at the Weizenbaum Institute also include Open Innovation and Technology, Transdisciplinarity and Maker Education.




Universität Potsdam
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