Bonny Brandenburger

Research Associate

Bonny Brandenburger graduated from the University of Lille in a German-French double master's programme in the field of cultural studies and economics. In her Master's thesis, she examined the organisational form of the Maker movement and its significance for the future of the world of work. She then worked in various projects on the topics of international vocational training, transnational science communication and community participation of new immigrants funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

In her dissertation, she examines the question of how open teaching and learning can be designed in the course of digitalisation and under the aspect of participation. With her work, she joins the international debate on Open Education and along with it Open Educational Practices. Her research was also funded in 2018-2022 with a doctoral scholarship from the Foundation of German Business (sdw) . Her research interests at the Weizenbaum Institute also lie in the areas of Citizen Science, Open Hardware and Critical Making.

Bonny Brandenburger also works as a project coordinator for the project "MoFab" and "EDUC+M" and, due to her interdisciplinary background, tries to build bridges between science, civil society and business.




Universität Potsdam