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OA Offerings Network Partners

Alternative funding options for OA publications are available from the network partners.

Other funding options within the network

Similar OA publication funds and transformative agreements (especially the DEAL project) run by network partners may offer alternative funding options for OA publications (see below). For these options, you will need to contact the relevant network partners directly for advice and to submit an application.

In order to achieve the aim of a transparent, comprehensive information budget at the WI, we ask our researchers to send basic publication data (incl. funding amount and total APC/BPC costs) for successful external OA publication funding applications that relate to the WI’s research subjects to: openaccess[at]

Overview of OA funding options from network partners  (alphabetically)


Freie Universität Berlin. “Funding models for open access publications”.

Freie Universität Berlin. “OA Publication Fund”.

Freie Universität Berlin. “Open Access Monographs and Edited Volumes”.

MPDL Services gGmbH. “For authors”. DEAL Konsortium.

Technische Universität Berlin. “Financing for Open Access Publications in Journals”.

Technische Universität Berlin. “Financing for Open Access Books”.

Technische Universität Berlin. “Publisher Agreements and Memberships”.

Universität der Künste Berlin. “Open Access at UdK”.

University of Potsdam. “Publication Fund”.

University of Potsdam. “Publishing Agreements”.

Vernetzungs- und Kompetenzstelle Open Access Brandenburg. “Publication Fund for Open Access Monographs of the Federal State of Brandenburg”.

Potsdam Graduate School of the University of Potsdam. “Publication cost subsidies for PhD candidates, Postdocs & Juniorprofs”.

University Library of HU Berlin. “Publication Fund for Journal Articles”.

University Library of HU Berlin. “Publication Fund for Monographs”.

University Library of HU Berlin. “Special Conditions from Publishers and Journals”.

WZB Berlin Social Science Center. “Open Access”.


Selected additional OA funding instruments

DARIAH-EU: Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. “DARIAH Open Access Monograph Bursary for Early Career Researchers in Digital Humanities”.

German Research Foundation (DFG). “Förderprogramm Publikationsbeihilfe”.

ZEIT-Stiftung. “Publikationsprogramm ‘Offene Wissenschaft’”.