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Digital Integration

The research group "Digital Integration" dealt mainly with the potential of digitalisation with a special focus on social media, which enable social inclusion across different segments of the population.

This research group conducted research at the Weizenbaum Institute from 2017 to 2022. In the newly launched research program, research will henceforth be organised in 16 research groups. These will be flanked and supported by the new Weizenbaum Digital Science Center.

Social inclusion via digital solutions

Social inclusion is an important component of any democratic society and has gained global importance in the wake of refugee movements. In the context of global migration, social inclusion aims to enable migrated or refugee populations to navigate their new environment, integrate into the community, and participate in social processes. In this context, social media such as Facebook and Twitter have the potential to promote social participation by enabling social exchange with remote networks and facilitating access to relevant information.

Our research contribution to social inclusion

The research group investigated how social media and other digital solutions (e.g. apps, mobile devices) can be used and designed to enable the participation of all members of society, taking into account the needs and backgrounds of different segments of the population, including socially marginalized groups. The research investigated how different ways of using social media and other digital solutions influence individual perceptions of social inclusion and how these digital solutions can be used to promote social inclusion of socially marginalized groups. The goal of the research group was to contribute to the social inclusion of migrants/refugees in this way.


Prof. Dr. Hanna Krasnova, Director, Principal Investigator
Dr. Antonia Köster, Research Group Lead

  • Dr. Olga Abramova
  • Julio Brandl
  • Mille Viktoria Døssing
  • Jana Gundlach
  • Yanal Kat
  • Nils Messerschmidt
  • Dunya Suleymanova



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