Working in Highly Automated Digital-Hybrid Processes

The research group investigates the impact of the digitalisation of work on employees in industry, logistics and services. It identifies possibilities of different actors in enterprises to shape the conditions of work while also asking about the possibilities of their regulation through collective contracts or the law.

Diese Forschungsgruppe hat von 2017 bis 2022 am Weizenbaum-Institut geforscht. Unser aktuelles Forschungsprogramm finden Sie hier.

Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Work

The focus of our research rests on work in automated processes. Yet “automation” is understood in a broad sense, encompassing not only the application of machines and robots, but also the proliferation of the industrial internet, digital process management and artificial intelligence in the worlds of work.

While the application of such technologies may lead to a substitution of workers in some cases, it mostly rather implies a shift in task assignments and a modification of social relations of actors within and between economic entities.

Our research therefore asks how the transformation of the new digital workplace is linked with comprehensive socio-technical transformations affecting the structure and hierarchies in (global) production networks, the emergence of new business models and the hybridisation of products and processes.

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