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Shivani Kapania

Former Research Fellow

Shivani is an incoming PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously, she worked as a Pre-Doctoral Researcher with the Google Research India and the Technology, AI, Society and Culture team focusing on research in responsible machine learning by drawing on theories and methods from HCI. Her research centres around two key goals: (1) better understanding dataset practices and processes in the ML pipeline, and (2) advancing end-user agency by calibrating trust in ML systems.

At Weizenbaum Institute, we are interested in making advances toward equitable ML systems by understanding the effects of designing annotation processes to focus on data workers' agency or diversity, data quality, and/or downstream models. In addition to advocating for a justice-oriented praxis, we want to demonstrate the potential epistemic benefits of thoughtful approaches to task design for practitioners.

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Former Research Fellow

Research Group Data, Algorithmic Systems and Ethics“



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