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Engr. Dr. Naveed Ali Khan Kaim Khani

Research Associate

The background of Naveed Khani aligns well with the modern digital infrastructures (like 5G and 6G) on the internet ecosystem and resulting policy challenges. During his 15-year career in Electronics and Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Wireless Communication, he has gained extensive experience in these areas. Currently, he is a researcher at the Internet Architecture Networks department of TU Berlin, where he contributes to the cutting-edge 6G-RIC Project.

His research delves into the intricate realms of 6G architecture, exploring the potential of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) and Software Defined Networks (SDN), among other innovative topics. A significant aspect of his work revolves around optimizing and enhancing the performance parameters of 5G and 6G networks, such as Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), throughput, latency, and localization capabilities. Recently, he published a thought-provoking research paper titled "AI-RAN in 6G Network: State-of-the-Art and Challenges," which sheds light on the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the Radio Access Network (RAN) for next-generation wireless systems. Furthermore, I have submitted two manuscripts to the prestigious IEEE forum, focusing on the performance evaluation of 5G and 6G networks. In these works, he meticulously measures and analyzes critical performance indicators, including reliability, throughput, latency, and connectivity, to gain deeper insights into the capabilities and limitations of these cutting-edge technologies. His PhD in Information and Communication Engineering (focusing on MIMO Techniques for Emerging Wireless Networks) from Dalian University of Technology, China, coupled with his Master in Computer and Communications Network from TELECOM & Management SudParis (ex INT), France and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from Sir Syed University of Technology, Karachi, Pakistan, provides a strong foundation for this role. He is particularly interested in the institute's emphasis on interdisciplinary and its mission to develop solutions for policymakers.

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Fields of research

Internet Architecture and Management
Digital Internet and network Society
Computer and Communication Network
Electronics Engineering

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