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Prof. Mika Satomi

Former Research Fellow
Mika Satom

Mika Satomi is a designer and an artist working in the field of e-Textiles, Interaction Design and Physical Computing. Her work explores how we relate with technology and what we real-ly want in them. She often collaborates with musicians and performers creating technology embedded costumes and interactive systems.

Since 2006 Mika has collaborated with Hannah Perner-Wilson, forming the art collective duo KOBAKANT creating artistic projects in the field of e-Textiles and Wearable Technology Art. She is a co-author of the e-Textile online database How To Get What You Want. Currently she lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

She works as a guest professor at the Weissensee Art Academy Berlin. She has been a researcher at the Swedish School of Textiles and at the Distance Lab, Scotland in the field of practice based design research. She holds BA in graphic design from Tokyo Zokei University, and MA in media creation from IAMAS, Japan.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Former Research Fellow

Research Group “Criticality of AI-based Systems

Designer and Artist