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Prof. Dr. Jakob Svensson

Former Research Fellow

Prof. Dr. Jakob Svensson was recently promoted to full professor in Media & Communication Studies at Malmö University, Sweden. In Malmö, he is directing the BA program Media Activism, Strategy & Entrepreneurshipand is connected to the research groups Medeaand Data Society. He is also directing the research project Behind the Algorithm funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Prof. Dr. Svensson has conducted research in the intersection of political participation and digital communication since his Ph.D, empirically studying election campaigns, activists as well as more popular cultural settings. He has done theoretical work on the rationalities of public political participation, and together with Prof. Dr. Klinger he has developed the concept of Network Media Logic. Prof. Dr. Svensson has also conducted research on mobile communication practices among marginalized groups in Uganda and connected this to a theoretical elaboration of the concept of empowerment. In his current research project Behind the Algorithms two studies are underway. One is an interview study of programmers and developers, and the other is a study of the dynamics behind a news-ranking algorithm in a leading Scandinavian daily newspaper.

For more information about Prof. Dr. Svensson’s research in an accessible way, he was interviewed in the last episode of the Social Media & Politics podcast.

Positions at Weizenbaum Institut

Former Research Fellow
RG 14: News, campaigns, and the rationality of public discourse

December 2018 – January 2019

Malmö University